How it works

You know you have an offer that people want, but where to start?

From the moment you arrive at their home page, you can tell what kind of business you’re dealing with. A thriving online business connects a specific message and value to a specific audience and engages with them again and again.  It does more than attract relevant traffic and communicate its purpose—it showcases the stability, commitment, and resources of the organization it represents. It reassures clients and creates trust through the demonstration that the owner has made a significant investment in the business by creating a highly relevant brand that offers increased value over time.


I’ll tell you how this is done, and it’s not about implementing flashy website design trends or spending a lot of money.


Most low quality web pages—the ones that seem a bit unprofessional, although perhaps you can’t quite pinpoint why—are built from templates. If you pay attention, you’ll even start to recognize some of the more common ones. A company will provide a template, and the individual or organization creates content to fill in the blanks.


This is the design-first approach, and is the fastest way to make a website that does little more than serve as an electronic business card. No matter how pretty the design looks on its own, it will never provide the same instantaneous connection with your target audience as one built with your customer’s needs in mind using a content-first approach.


So, how does it work?


Your target audience wants to know what matters to them and how you solve their problems right away without having to click through multiple pages on your website or spend more than a few seconds.  Through our process of discovery and surveys we deep dive into your business to understand what makes your customers tick and where they hang out.  Our content-first approach considers the key aspects that are important to your customers in order to create text and design that are flawlessly integrated to create an instant connection.  It achieves this by building the design to integrate with content that is already relevant to your target customers, rather than just trying to fill a predesigned text box with writing about your business and it’s services.


At Invoxus, we follow a six-step approach to create conversion focused online businesses that are relevant to your unique audience. These steps are:


  • discovery,

  • strategy,

  • content,

  • design,

  • build,

  • and delivery.


During this initial stage, we interview our clients in order to understand their needs, brand, business model, products and services, and what is and is not working for them currently. We research their competitors to see what strategies are successful and find the best potential marketing channels for the brand message. We also collect necessary items such as logos, files, analytics, account access and passwords, pictures, video, and written copy.


Using the information gathered in the discovery phrase, we create with our clients a strategy to help achieve their goals in terms of sales, leads, and so on. We present potential marketing opportunities, anticipate necessary functionalities, user experience elements, and technical requirements, and consider how the site will contribute to the sales funnel. This phase also includes the brainstorming of design ideas, calls to action, website structure, content, and how these elements demonstrate the company’s brand. The end result is a comprehensive outline that will guide the content production and design phases.

In the content production phase, we will interface with the client and subject matter experts in order to gain the material necessary to create content for the website. This can include the gathering of pictures and video, the writing and rewriting of text, and the refining of the marketing message.

Once the content is created, the initial visual design concepts are custom built based on the nature and size of content as well as the marketing and branding strategy.

In this phase, we use the design concepts and strategy concerning required functionalities etc. to create code that will form the basis for the website.

Once the website has been coded, it is made available solely to the client, who may then test the site and request revisions as needed. Once the client approves the site, it is then published live to the web and tested again. The appropriate people are trained to use and update the site as necessary, and control of the site is turned over to the new owners.



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