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Invoxus has helped to grow over 200 online businesses since 2009.

If your business is not pulling in the results you want, a poor marketing strategy, website or the lack of could be to blame.  The wrong messaging or design can leave potential clients confused about what you offer and how to buy. If customers don’t understand your business, they’ll seek out someone who they can be certain is offering exactly what they want.


Isn’t it time for a better website?  That actually gets more customers?


At Invoxus, we can help to improve your customer experience from start to finish. We provide a holistic approach to business that considers everything from offer awareness, content and copy writing to design and marketing. Our services will help you to


  • create awareness of your offer
  • engage with prospects
  • convert more conversations to sales
  • clear up a confused and cluttered message,
  • build your brand and create value,
  • establish and make clear the steps in the sales funnel,
  • create a website path that targets your business objectives,
  • custom craft the content and design of your website and marketing collateral,
  • understand the key metrics for measurement of success,
  • and provide a set of sales tools that will set you above the competition.

“When Google changed their ranking system, my web site disappeared from the search results overnight! Invoxus helped me to develop content that not only improved the communicability of the web site, but also put me back on the first page search results.”


Mark Hobbins

CEO | Family IQ


“Invoxus built a custom database that shows our agents their stats and gives information about their commission and so on. Now, the staff is more accountable and informed, and managers have been freed up to focus on the big picture.”


Marcy R

Owner | Lipservice


“I always knew that my web site needed updating, but Invoxus has made all the difference. The nature of my business is so clear, and potential clients can easily see what we do and how to move forward with our services. It’s one of the best investments I ever made.”


Michael Anderson

Owner | 3rd Hand Logistics


Our particular focus is to get you more customers and that often requires tailoring your brand’s message to your business’s target audience, and making sure that the message is communicated both through writing and design—in short, that the design draws the eye to essential information and quickly lets your clients know not only that they have come to the right place, but also how they might engage your services.


We achieve this via a thorough discovery process and content-based approach, where we thoroughly research your business, customers and competition before making important decisions that cause a chain of effect.  Strategy must be established before finalizing content writing, all writing is finalized to target the ideal customer before designing begins, and the design is created to highlight the content.  


Not only do potential clients easily see what you offer and how to buy, they perceive the professionalism and stability of your business through the evident quality and relevance of the site. The end result is increased user engagement and more sales or leads for your business.   In addition to offering full service website content and design, we can also help to drive traffic to your website with content marketing and custom crafted solutions that ultimately improve efficiency of sales and inventory, as well! Invoxus provides:


  • Custom WordPress development,
  • Writing & editing services,
  • SEO,
  • PPC,
  • retargeting,
  • call tracking,
  • conversion optimization,
  • email marketing,
  • direct mail capability,
  • CRM implementation,
  • inventory management setup,
  • POS systems and payment integration,
  • display ads,
  • interactive forms,
  • domain name registration,
  • web hosting,
  • ongoing support and maintenance,
  • and much more!

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